Freedom Is Slavery

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Like every animal in the kingdom, the human wants to dominate and exploit its resources. In the beginning we mainly hunted and fished for food, but then something magical, but dramatic, happened. The human, as only one among the animals, became afraid of death. This was the start of a tragedy, but also an opportunity. If you are afraid of death, imprisonment or torture you become controllable in a way that no other resource is. The best resource to control is not gold, oil or land, but other human beings. 

You can scare an animal, because it is afraid of pain in the moment. You can not scare an animal with imprisonment or pain in the future, because they are not aware of the future. You can’t yell to a cow to produce more mil or swing with a sword to a tree to grow more fruit. You can not threaten a chicken in order to get more eggs, but you can get more eggs from a human by threatening him. 

The controlling of human livestock is one of the most profitable occupations. Throughout history we have seen four ways of slavery: 

The first form, as used by the old Egyptians, was direct and cruel. The physical body was kept in control, but the whip and chains could not control and exploit the creative mind of the human. Furthermore, these slaves were unproductive and cost many resources to keep them under control. 

Secondly, the Romans gave their slaves some freedoms to express themselves. This raised their productivity and thus the wealth of Rome, allowing them to expand to one of the biggest empires ever. 

Thirdly, the feudal model was introduced. Nobody was directly controlled by a slave owner, but a citizen could exploit a piece of land as long as they paid a tariff to the warlords controlling the land. This eventually stopped due to innovative technologies making agriculture more productive with less people. 

Due to the excess of food we could expand to cities and villages. This was the start of the democratic model. Peasants were flooding into the cities, because there was no land left to exploit. This resulted in a lot of cheap labor for the rising industrialists and the ruling class. They quickly realized that humans are most profitable if you let them choose their own profession. In this situation nobody is directly owned by someone, but the way of exploitation was now influenced by the Maffia. The Maffia rarely owns any businesses themselves, but will send a couple of thugs once a month to steal from the business owners. Sounds familiar? This is also what will happen if you refuse to pay taxes.

For many this will sound confusing, because the ruling class provides healthcare, education and infrastructure. You could think that this is the result of benevolence. However, a farmer also invests into its livestock with healthcare, training or irrigation. We also have freedoms and rights which get protected, but a farmer will also choose to give a plant or animal more room if that would make it more productive. 

And so George Orwell already concluded in 1949 that “FREEDOM IS SLAVERY!”