5G, nieuwste afluisterapparatuur

5G, nieuwste afluisterapparatuur

Fast internet, who doesn’t want it?
There are relatively few things that are as annoying as slow internet. Nevertheless, there is much debate about the construction of 5G. The United States is doing everything it can to prevent Huawei from constructing the 5G network in a large part of the world. But is this right?

To start, 5G (5th generation internet) has many advantages over 4G. For example, the 5G internet is more than ten times faster than the 4G which is currently used. This is not only an advantage for consumers who can now download Netflix series faster, but also for companies that can process more transactions and optimize business processes in this way.
The real discussion is not about whether 5G is bad for the economy, but more about the company that construct the 5G network.
Huawei is not only known for their mobile phones, but is also one of the few companies that has the technology and possibilities to be able to install 5G at a relatively low price and whose quality is a lot higher than from the competition.
From a business perspective, it would therefore be a very good decision to work with Huawei. However, Huawei is a Chinese company. China is currently in a trade war with the United States. The US wants to prevent Huawei form being the company that will install the 5G network. In addition, it is not just about the 5G network within the US borders, Trump encourages other Western countries not to work with Huawei.
Just like most companies in China, Huawei is legally obliged to cooperate with the country’s communist party. In this way, the Chinese government could obtain information through Huawei. Huawei itself denies.

Trump wants a company from the United States to install the 5G network. A well-known quote from Trump is: “The race to 5G is a race America must win. It is a race we will win.” The question that often comes to mind is whether the US is only negative about Huawei for its own gain. Whether or not this is the case, it does not come out bad for Trump in his trade war with China.

The Netherlands itself has indicated that it does not want to work with Huawei yet. The government has indicated that it does not want to take any risks and only wants to start working with Huawei once it has been established that Huawei is completely safe.

To summarize, the 5G network will not be there today or tomorrow.

By: Wouter Pen