The ESV has its own group for economics alumni. This group is part of the ESV and is called ESV Alumni. The purpose of this group is to keep alumni in contact with each other by means of organizing activities. To ensure the continuity of the group and its activities, the board is divided into an executive and a general board. The executive board is responsible for organizing the activities and can be seen as the operational core. The general board tries to ensure the long term, is a source of knowledge and acquaintances, and acts as a sounding board.

Executive Board

The executive board consists solely of students, including the current chairman of the ESV. Together they are responsible for the daily operations around the ESV Alumni. This involves answering e-mails, maintaining the alumni website, managing the alumni social media (Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook), and organizing various activities for alumni. Two to three times a year the Alumni Newsflash is sent. In the Newsflash, members of the alumni group are informed about issues concerning the ESV, the economics program in Nijmegen and activities organized by the executive board.

The executive board of the ESV Alumni consists of five members for the academic year 2021-2022:

Adinda van Doorn (chairman)
Eline Meiberg (secretary and on behalf of the ESV board)
Korné Radema (treasurer)
Mandy Versteeg (coordinator activities)
Sophie van Lith (coordinator promotion)

General Board

The general board is, in addition to the executive board, involved in the organization around the alumni group economics. The general board is the hub in our alumni network: through many contacts with other alumni, the economics department, and the professional field, they can make suggestions for future activities. The general board does not change regularly in order to ensure the continuity of the circle.
The general board currently consists of seven members for the academic year 2021-2022:

Viktor de Leeuw (chairman)
Peter Crijns
Gerwin Bom
Kirsten van den Ham


Why Join ESV Alumni / alumni circle economics?

  • The (free) membership of the ESV Alumni offers some very unique advantages for which you do not have to do anything;
  • You can take part in many activities for the alumni circle economics: from activities on campus to drinks in the Randstad, as well as lectures and a coach café in collaboration with the faculty;
  • Be on abreast of the ESV and the economics program through the Alumni Newsflash;
  • Be part of the alumni network: we continuously expand our network and try as much as possible to get alumni in contact with each other;
  • You can be approached for guest lectures or readings at (ESV) activities;
  • To be still part of the ESV as during your student life!

Want to become a member?

During the awarding of your degree, you will get an envelope containing the honorable mention of your membership of the ESV Alumni. After completing your studies, you will become automatically a member of the alumni circle. Through the ESV, available contact information is transferred to us, which enables you to immediately become part of our alumni network. Your membership at the ESV stills remains active, this is separate from the membership of our alumni network. If you are not a member, you do not receive the Alumni Newsflash. However, if you would still like to receive the Alumni Newsflash, please send an email to


Daily board: Adinda van Doorn (Chairman)
Phone: 024-3611929
Adress: Heyendaalseweg 141.00.140
6525 AJ Nijmegen (The Netherlands)

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