Batavierenrace 2019

Batavierenrace 2019

Last weekend the largest relay race in the world was held. A run from Nijmegen to Enschede, good for 175 kilometres split into 25 stages. Due to the large time difference between teams, three restarts are implemented during the race. The night shift starts at 22:00 and runs from Nijmegen to Ulft, the morning shift starts at 06:15 and runs to Barchem and the afternoon shift starts at 11:30 and ends in Enschede. With 8500 participants it is registered in Guinness Book of World records as the world’s biggest relay.

Thijs started the race for the ESV. With the encouragement of the the ESV near the Malle Babbe led Thijs to put on a good performance. With an impressive time the ESV stood at place 19 in the rankings out of 350 teams. Due to the speed of the runners we got to Ulft very fast.

At 04:15 the morning shift had to get together at the university in order to start at 7:00 in Ulft. We took the bus to Ulft and arrived after about an hour. When the first runner started, Jos, it already started to become light again and the weather started to warm up. After the morning shift completed 53 kilometres we arrived tired and hungry in Barchem. From then on it was on the well rested afternoon shift to close the race. Around 17:30 the last women’s and men’s stage started. The honor was to Iris and Bob to close the race in their suits. A large group of ESV’ers cheered them on till the very last meters.

Once everyone arrived on campus we weren’t done with sports. On a sportsevent like the Batavierenrace you shouldn’t be passively playing cards. We combined the most important elements of this weekend into one game: Flunkyball. A game where a fast sprint, an accurate throw and fast drinking skills are of the utmost importance. However, some were so tired out after the running and flunkyball that they ended up sleeping the rest of the day.

For whoever could still make it to the tent was a big party waiting with 5 stages spread over the campus on the University of Twente. Around 8500 students from all over the Netherlands came together to party in Enschede. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a top-3 finish, but the running team from the RU/HAN managed to take the trophy to Nijmegen.

By Maikel de Leeuw