Bevrijdingsdag 2019

Bevrijdingsdag 2019

On sunday May 5th we celebrated our freedom for the 74th time. In many cities there were festivals where you could enjoy a beer whilst listening to big and small artists. The weather was nice, even though it was too cold for a t-shirt. Better luck next time.

It all started by igniting the freedomfire in Wageningen. On saturday at exactly 00:00 the fire was ignited by the mayor of Wageningen. The freedomfire is then spread around by runners through the rest of the Netherlands. Liberation day was opened by prime minister who ignited the fire at 13:00 in Almere. From then on the party got started everywhere.

This year we had three ambassadors of freedom: Kraantje Pappie, Maan and Sam Feldt. They literally flew across the country to perform at as many festivals throughout the country. They did this with the help of the military who flew the ambassadors around in a helicopter. A great way to avoid the busy traffic in the Netherlands!

Of course, it is up to the visitors of these festivals to get the party started. Friends, good mood and a beer. It doesn’t get much better. The alcohol will do its job on days like these. The use and trade of nitrogen also known as ‘Laughing Gas’ was prohibited during liberation day. During kingsday many people got sick by inhaling balloons filled with nitrogen, which is why it was chosen to prohibit the trade of nitrogen. Most big festivals checked people for nitrogen and would remove them if they did carry nitrogen.

Liberation day 2019 has been a great succes where the people could enjoy many free and paid festivals throughout the country.

Do not forget to enjoy your freedom, make use of it!

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