SRA: your world job nearby!

SRA is a network organization of 375 independent accountancy firms with 900 branches in the Netherlands. With practical and strategic support, SRA strengthens the business operations of the affiliated offices. By combining knowledge and experience, SRA offices can optimally help and advise entrepreneurs (focused on small and medium-sized enterprises). We stand for quality, security and personal attention.

Why should you choose an internship or workplace at an SRA office? We have listed the most important advantages for you:

Close to home

With 900 locations there is always an office in a favorable living/work distance.

Close to the customer

Direct contact and great commitment. You really know for who you work.

Varied work

You are the 'coach' of the entrepreneur, you carry out various activities and you come into contact with many different situations.

Informal atmosphere

An SRA office consists on average of 30 employees. You know all your colleagues and you work in an informal atmosphere where you can be yourself.


If you apply for a job at an SRA office, you can assume that you have a workplace for a longer period of time. We are not familiar with the 'grow-or-go' or 'up-or-out' principle.

Competitive salary

SRA offices use a competitive salary. Study facilities, travel costs and pension provisions are also excellently arranged.

Complete follow-up education

As an accountant you have to stay up-to-date. SRA offices provide appropriate training for all employees.

Career opportunities

Your career depends on your own ambition. It doesn't have to take years to become a partner, but if you prefer to remain an assistant accountant, that's no problem either.

A healthy balance between work and private life

In addition to your work as an accountant or tax specialist, you have plenty of time for other fun things.

Technical support

You can always exchange knowledge and experience with colleagues, but also with colleague offices. SRA offers these possibilities.

SRA quality mark

The affiliated offices are rigorously tested by SRA. They offer the highest quality to clients and employees.

SRA offers affiliated offices knowledge, resources and support. In this way, SRA offices can offer their employees the same possibilities as a large office, without this being at the expense of involvement and personal atmosphere.

Curious about what SRA can do for you? Take a look at our website or search directly in our office finder for an SRA office near you.

If you have any questions, you can of course always contact Claudia Bergkamp or Mandy Geurtsen via 030 656 60 60 or