USG Finance

“But how do you know which organization and position suits you?”

We have been around for over 20 years, but we still behave like a start-up. We don't sit still and experiment with robotics, for example. We are convinced that as a professional you can only deliver top performances if you can really be yourself and we distinguish ourselves above all through involvement, ambition and humor. Only then can you grow and take that extra step. We therefore value an informal working atmosphere, without a strict straitjacket.

What will be your dot on the horizon?

You have (almost) graduated, but you really haven't finished learning yet! But how do you know which organization and which position suits you? By working for different clients, you will have the opportunity during our Finance Traineeship to discover which direction and type of organization you prefer. At the end of the Traineeship you will have knowledge of various facets within Finance, including accounting, reporting, controlling and data.

Within USG Finance we believe it is important that everyone continues to develop. Not only by learning at different organizations, but also in the form of training. We invest in you during this program through an extensive training program within our Finance Academy. With the help of training and coaching you come closer and closer to determining and working towards your ultimate goal.

Our organization

You will work in a young, diverse organization consisting of approximately 80 professionals, where humor and entrepreneurship connect us and you are given the space to realize your dreams and ambitions. You can join us every month as a Trainee or Young Finance Professional so that you can use your knowledge and skills at a diverse and wide range of companies such as Jumbo, SuitSupply, VolkerWessels, Liander, Gazelle, Europarcs and PwC.


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