The ESV is the study association for students Economics and Business Economics at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Our association offers a wide range of services and activities for her members. The ESV offers economics students in Nijmegen the chance to participate actively in one of her committees. Furthermore, the ESV aims to bring her members in contact with potential employers. We form a bridge between theory and practice. Because we are present in every phase of the study, we have good contact with our students. There are several possibilities to promote your business to our members.

Promotion nationwide activities
If your company has interesting activities for our students during the year, we can bring them to the attention of the students. Some of the options that we offer are an advertisementsign for posters, an ad on our TV and flyers presented in the ESV-room. 

Direct mailing
A more direct way to reach our members is to make use of a direct mailing service. This is an established mail including content of your preferences send to all our members or any specific group of students.

Another possibility is to advertise through our redesigned website. There are several options on this website to reach our students. Our website includes pages with company profiles, a vacancy database and an internship database. Besides that, business activities can be integrated into our activities calendar.

Nijmegen Career Event
In cooperation with the study association of Business Administration, Synergy, the ESV organizes yearly the Nijmegen Career Event. At this event, companies have the opportunity to get in touch with our students through presentations, workshops or a business market. More information about the Nijmegen Career Event is available here:

If interested, please contact our PR-coördinator 2015-2016, Charlotte Blankenberg.
Tel.: 024-3611929