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Strategic move of Russia?

Some may have missed it, but there is currently a lot to do around the global oil production. Consumers see this mostly because of low prices at petrol station. The price of crude oil went down by 30% at the beginning of March and the stock markets are having bad times.


Brexit: Intermezzo

The 31st of January the Brexit finally occurred, more than three years after the notorious Brexit-referendum the United Kingdom (UK) finally left the European Union (EU). The UK moved into the so-called transition period, scheduled to the end of this year, in which she still follows EU regulation and trade on free terms with the continent.

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Ski trip 2020 Risoul!

On Saturday, January 25, it was finally time. We left with 27 ESV members to Risoul. The bus ride took quite a few hours, but the trip was not too bad with the pleasant bus drivers, playing cards for anytimers and with songs such as El Toreador and Smoorverliefd!