Christmas Greeting XXXII

kerstkaart XXXII

Dear ESV-members, 


This year has flown by once again, although the past months were sometimes very alike. It has been a year much different than others. Certainly not a year like we all had planned. Despite everything, hopefully wonderful memories have been made within the ESV. I am very grateful to all of you for that! 


First of all, I think we can be proud of how quickly we can adjust to situations when it really comes down to it. Not only within the ESV, but also on an individual level. This year has been a challenge for everyone. All unexpected situations that have occurred have affected each of us in our own way. Nevertheless, I hope that you can also think back to all the positive moments of this year. 


Furthermore, new members have joined, who as freshmen experienced an alternative introduction. There are also members who graduated this year and attended a digital ceremony. The majority of activities in 2020 took place digitally. The lustrum week planned for April 2020 was moved up to April 2021. Without the enthusiasm of everyone, all the activities could not have turned out as beautifully as they did. 


I don’t think I am alone in saying that I hope 2021 will be a fantastic year. A year in which we celebrate a wonderful lustrum and make many more beautiful memories. Altogether, I hope that you are all healthy and able to spend some time with loved ones during these holidays.  


On behalf of the XXXIInd board of the ESV, 


Adinda van Doorn 

Chairman 2020-2021