City Trip: Luxembourg

foto luxemburg

On Friday morning at 8 a.m., we were all waiting for the bus at the station to go to Luxembourg! Because the usual person had overslept himself again, we left a few moments later. After a 4 hour bus trip we arrived at our hostel. We had some time to get some lunch for ourselves, so several groups went out to go to the McDonald’s in the centrum or go to the supermarket. We soon found out how hilly Luxembourg is, everyone is currently having muscle pain in their calves. After this long climb for lunch, a much more intense workout was waiting for us: nice sightseeing in the centrum. With the whole group we stumbled uphill, downhill and back while enjoying the beautiful sights. The city looks medieval: think of castles, churches and canals with more species than just swimming ducks. We saw the Neumünster Abbey from a distance. A beautiful old prison that has been transformed into a cultural center. We also visited the impressive Notre Dame cathedral, where we saw the crypt of the grand dukes.

We also visited the banking museum and later that evening we had a nice dinner at the hostel. After we had dinner, we were faced with a nice challenge: getting ready in 1 hour before the pub crawl started at 9 p.m.. Everyone was already in a good mood and the free welcome shots were very tasty. After the first pub we ended up in a rather decent bar that was not for us, so we quickly left. The 3rd pub was also not for us so we went back to the first bar and had a very nice evening there!

The next morning we had to have breakfast very early, but due to the sunshine we were in a good mood again in no time. We walked to a very nice elevator that ended in a beautiful view of the city. After this the Crazy 88 started. Taking a nice photo at the Adolf bridge and taking the escalator in the wrong direction could not be missing. Dressing a statue and making a headline in a store ensured that the people around us could enjoy it too. After a wonderful afternoon carrying out funny assignments in the city, we ended up back in the hostel tired but satisfied. For dinner, the group was split into two groups: one group went for Thai food and the other half went for Italian. After dinner we had drinks in different rooms before we went into town. After a nice evening of dancing, everyone went to bed because our Sunday would also be filled!

On Sunday morning, everyone was having a nice breakfast before 9 a.m. After a nice breakfast at the hostel we took the bus to go skating! There we found out that the skating talents within the ESV vary considerably. While some flew smoothly over the ice, some members stumbled over the ice (and yes, I was one of them). Fortunately we laughed more than enough!

After skating we enjoyed a well-deserved hot drink and took the bus back to the centre to have a nice lunch. After lunch we finally visited the national museum, after which we had a quick meal and went back to the hostel to leave for Nijmegen at 17:45.

It was without doubt a very successful weekend!

By: Tess Bremer