Advisory Board

The advisory board gives the board of the ESV advice when needed and when wanted by the ESV board. The ESV board is not obligated to do something with the advice. With this advisory body in the association with experienced members, the ESV is well supported. The advisory board of this year consists of:

  • Emma Bandell (chairman)
  • Jasper van Dalen
  • Adinda van Doorn
  • Sophie van Lith
  • Wouter Pen

The members of this board can’t know and see everything that goes on within the ESV. So if you have any remarks or commentary feel free to tell this to the ESV board or the advisory board.

The advisory board chooses its own new members. Every member can take place in this board for a maximum of two years up following. Besides that the board has a minimum of two new members every year. You can e-mail the advisory board via: