Dear member of the ESV, 

Updates concerning how the ESV deals with the coronavirus, will be given through this platform from now on. We ask you to keep a close eye on the platform and also stay updated on information the University grants through their platform: https://www.ru.nl/english/news-agenda/news/coronavirus-radboud-university/If you have any questions has not been answered at this platform, please send an e-mail to voorzitter@esvnijmegen.nlPlease remember that we do not have all the answers either 

We wish you a lot of strength during these unusual times. 

On behalf of the XXXIst board of the ESV Nijmgen, 

Mandy Versteeg 

Chairman 2019-2020 


Dear ESV-member

We hope that you are healthy and safe. It has been a while since we have seen each other at the ESV room or at physical activities. Luckily, we stay in contact through our online activities!

The easing of the measures on May 6 has brought hope. The ESV follows the measures and guidelines of RIVM. We also follow the university in her decisions. As long as the university does not offer physical education, the ESV room will also remain closed. For each activity, we examine whether the activity is in line with the measures.

We understand that it is a special time for everyone. We cannot wait until we can see each other again, but it is vital that we act responsibly and that we follow all measures. Only then, we can beat this virus.

Stay healthy and we hope to welcome you again soon.

24-03-2020 - General

The ESV follows the safety measures taken by Radboud University. This means that the ESV room will be closed until June 1st.

Due to the closing of the room, it is not possible to buy summaries for the exams of block 3. Good luck with the exams!

24-03-2020 - General

All physical activities that have been planned, formal and informal, have been cancelled until June 1st. However, the board is trying very hard to continue these events in alternative ways. 

24-03-2020 - Lustrumweek

Dear member of the ESV,  

The VIth lustrum of the ESV was planned in the week of April 20th. Unfortunately, this week cannot be continued, due to the safety measures surrounding the coronavirus.The safety measure that has been installed on March 23rd, forbids all meetings until June 1st. Because of this safety measure, we are obliged to cancel the event. This is to our great regret, because the lustrum committee has already prepared for a long time for this event and every member was looking forward to this amazing week. The board has decided to move the lustrumweek to the next academic year. When more information about this is available, we will let you know this as soon as possible.  

 We hope you understand that this is a huge disappointment for everyone and we ask for your understanding during these difficult times. 

24-03-2020 - Study Trip

The first study trip outside of Europe has to be cancelled due to the coronavirus. Because of all the safety measures surrounding the coronavirus and the travel warnings, it is not responsible for the ESV and her member to continue this study trip. This is a huge disappointment for everyone, but we have to take our responsibility. The board would like to thank the study trip committee for all their hard work and their effort. 


Dear member of the ESV, 

During these unusual times surrounding the corona virus, the ESV has also taken safety measurements 

  • All activities until April 6th have been cancelled 
  • The ESV room is closed until April 10th.  

We understand that this raises a lot of questions about the time after April 6th. The board is also waiting for more information, especially information about how the virus and the safety measures will developWe will try to keep you updated as much as possibleOn March 24th we will give an update surrounding the possible sales of summariesFor the activitiesyou will get an update on April 4th: in this update we state what happens to the opening hours of the ESV roomthe upcoming activities and other measures that have to be taken.  

For all the committeesplease continue your hard work! We recommend that you have meetings using skype, zoom.nu, google hangout or other programmes that work for youPlease keep in mind that in these insecure timesit is best to not purchase or make any binding agreements until we have more information.