Een bestuursjaar bij de ESV

Een bestuursjaar bij de ESV

Taking a seat on the board of the Economische Studenten Vereniging Nijmegen, what exactly does this mean? Drinking a lot, sleeping a little and hang around the uni? Some have this picture in mind, but unjustly. A board year can partly include that, but there is a lot more to it. It is a year in which you develop yourself, you face yourself and you learn to deal with difficult situations. You also build up a network that you will undoubtedly benefit from in the future. Falling and getting up is part of it, but above all it is a very beautiful year!

A year ago, around this period, I personally started considering a board year. Before that, I never really thought about it, but because others pointed out to me that I would fit it, I went into it. I visited the information lunch and the follow-up dinner and went to ask a lot of questions. When I had done all this, it became clear to me that a board year at the ESV is a year full of challenges, that it is very valuable, but above all a fantastic time. Spoiler: true that.

Having realized that, I started applying for a position in the XXXth board of the ESV as chairman and PR coordinator. From the moment this is known, it actually already starts. You start learning from the previous board and you start thinking about what you want as a board next year. In the beginning you get a lot of information to process and you don’t know what to do, but you can quickly find your way here. After this oriental period, the summer holiday begins and this period is different for every board function. As a PR coordinator you, along with your predecessor, spend a lot of time in the summer holidays to get acquainted with (potential) partners. This is a period in which you learn a lot and gain a lot of connections, so it’s very valuable! In addition, this is very important for the rest of the year, because this provides liquidities.

After the summer holidays it really starts, from this moment on you are at the ESV room and busy with the association. In combination with constitution drinks and activities, at times this can be a very busy and somewhat difficult time, but from experience I can tell that this time flies by. Why? Because you, together with your fellow board members, experience a lot of good times! Most constitution drinks take place in the first semester and as a result the second semester is relatively quiet during night time.

That brings us to the point where we are now and for us as a board we feel the end is near. Next month we will start with the information sessions and then the applications will follow. We are of course very curious who is interested and if you are considering applying. Are you in doubt? Come to the information sessions and ask us questions, this is also possible at other times. I can recommend a board year and I do not regret this choice. I grew as a person and believe me, everyone does.

Please do note that a board year requires you to speak Dutch. Most of the communications with the university and external parties require the Dutch language.

By: Joris Claus