End of the year

Kopie van Bedankt!

Dear ESV-member, 

We can say for sure that this year was different from other years. A year full of digital informal and formal activities, even a digital lustrum celebration. As a board, we can look back on a very successful year of which we are extremely proud. We could not have let this year run like this if you hadn't been there. I hope you, like us, have made many beautiful memories. In any case, this has been a year from which everyone has learned a lot and also a year that will never be forgotten. 

Through this (digital) message I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the ESV in any way. Committee members who, despite everything, always came up with successful and creative activities. Members who came to these activities with full enthusiasm. The Advisory Board with their solicited and unsolicited advice and all other persons who were there for us when we needed them. My compliments and thank you all for this. 

In addition, I would like to personally thank my board members for this year. It may sound cliche but there are no other four members I would rather spend this year with than you. I have seen the growth you all have gone through and I hope you are as proud of this year as I am. 

For us, the transfer period has arrived and so there are only a few activities left for which we are responsible. From September the XXXIIIrd board will take over and of course I want to wish them all the luck and happiness in the world. Managing an association such as the ESV is not easy, but the moments you experience together are invaluable. So enjoy everything you experience and organize, because from my own experience I dare to say that such a year flies by. What I hope is that they can physically organize all activities again and that members can enjoy this to the fullest. 

Hopefully I'll see you all again soon in the city or on the beautiful red couch of the ESV-room. I wish you a nice summer and see you next year. All the best! 

On behalf of the XXXIInd board of the ESV Nijmegen, 

Adinda van Doorn 

Chairman 2020-2021