The ESV has its own circle for economics alumni. This circle sails under the flag of the ESV and is called ESV Alumni. The purpose of this circle is to keep alumni in contact with each other by means of organizing activities. To ensure the continuity of the circle and its activities, the board is divided into an executive and a general board. The executive board is responsible for organizing the activities and can be seen as the operational core. The general board tries to ensure the long term, is a source of knowledge and acquaintances, and acts as a sounding board.

ESV Alumni was born on a rainy autumn day in 2006, when Karine Kruijff, Annemieke Mokveld, Roel van Leuken, Marleen Smitskamp and Gerwin Bom came together to deal with something that had been neglected by the economics program and the ESV for a while … the alumni circle! After a successful alumni drink in the summer of 2006, it appeared that there was quite some interest in such a circle among former students. Something we loved to facilitate of course. After a difficult start, we finally got it going. The difficult start was mainly due to the difficult accessibility of alumni who moved after graduating and whose addresses were unknown. (This remains difficult, so if you want to be kept informed, leave your questions and address behind at Meanwhile, the number of members is growing, which causes responsiveness and enthusiasm for ESV Alumni activities to increase as well.

The ESV Alumni intends to organize around three amusing and interesting activities a year, where former students are able to meet again and exchange experiences and knowledge. The BBQ and drink after the alumni day of the university in October, and the ‘Randstad’-drink in april are a great success, year after year! This year, we will organize an ESV Alumni weekend for the first time, in the Ardennes.

In the coming activities, we hope to yet again welcome many enthusiastic alumni!

We would like to thank the following people for their commitment and enthusiasm for ESV Alumni:

  • Annemiek Mokveld
  • Marleen Smitskamp
  • Pieter Ruysch of Dugteren
  • Roel van Leuken