ESV weekend

ESV Introductory

Weekend Hi, I’m Siemen, a first-year student of Economics and Business Economics. In the weekend of November 4, I went to the introductory weekend. Enough happened that weekend to write a book about, so I’ll just recap and add a few highlights.
It was in the Limburg countryside in the village of Hunsel, near the Belgian border, about an hour and a half away by bus from Nijmegen Central. On the bus ride to Hunsel, Phillip talked big and challenged one of the freshmen to a game of chess, which in hindsight he shouldn’t have done. He was, in fact, pretty much killed off….
Once arrived in Hunsel, accommodation with meadows as a backdrop, as you would expect in the Dutch countryside. After choosing the bed we went for dinner, it was against my expectations a fine meal, burittos.

The first night had a theme; Tokkie. So the gentlemen had on their fanny packs, caps and tracksuits, and the ladies in leopard print and leggings. In addition, the introductory committee had come up with some fun activities to do in our great outfits. The photos of that and the rest of the weekend can be seen under the heading photos on the members site. Definitely recommended if you want to see me (and others) enjoying drinks :).
After a very poor night’s sleep, the second day started again. First breakfast, and then some outdoor activities, including football and volleyball. We were randomly divided into groups and pitted against each other. I’m always up for a game of football, so I had a good time.
After all the activities that afternoon we went for dinner, fries with a snack, which was a very good choice. That greasy bite ensured that a good foundation was laid for the moment supreme of the ESV introductory week; the cantus.

When they asked me to write something, I immediately thought of the cantus, which, as a first-year student, I was terrified of by the other members. For those who are not familiar with it; a cantus is a student-like activity where you sit at long tables, in the right clothes, and sing songs together and drink beer. Where the other members said it could get tough, I don’t think that was the case. The entire time I was enjoying the atmosphere and the stupid actions of fellow freshmen. Like “feut 6”, who didn’t quite realize that he didn’t have to name everything he did wrong that night.
All in all, the cantus was an activity in which shared fun and fraternization were central!
Cleaning after the cantus was a slightly less pleasant activity, but it did create fraternization. And that was certainly the focus this weekend.
Get to know other members, make new friends and have fun. That’s what this weekend was about.
Feel invited to come along next year, you won’t regret it.
Siemen Liebeton