ESV weekend

foto kennismakingsweekend

After counting down the days, the time had finally come: the ESV Weekend! On Friday the 11th of October 2019, (almost) left the rainy, but always beautiful Nijmegen to the far Overasselt. After this world trip was completed and the destination was reached, the playing cards were quickly taken out of the bags. The first games of toepen were played and the cans of Schultenbräu were drunk.

The first evening, the committee made pasta carbonara for nearly 60 hungry students and afterwards the pub quiz started. This pub quiz started fairly normally, but ended in a in a collection of polonaises and Ajax songs. At one point, even the tables and chairs were used as a dance floor. Some people went to bed after the pub quiz and some other wanted to play some more games of card. Later that evening, the amazing idea was suggested to organize a mini cantus in preparation for the cantus of the following evening. The throats were warm and the repertoire of cantus songs were practiced.

On Saturday morning, everyone woke up extremely fresh and a delicious breakfast was waiting for us. The program of the day was presented during breakfast: 6-kamp and the long-awaited cantus! The 6-kamp was played fanatically and finally decided with a game of rock-paper-scissors. Afterwards, not everyone was that happy with the win. In the evening, fries and snacks were on the menu and people quickly prepared themselves for the cantus. All jackets and ties were smoothed and the throats lubricated. The cantus was a success and lasted for quite some time. Several members of the corona were happy to be able to go to bed, some with a short stopover.

Sunday, October 13, the last day of the introductory weekend. Everyone woke up as fresh again as Saturday morning and the bags were packed quickly. Just a breakfast, a last game of cards while waiting for the bus before the journey to Nijmegen began. The sun started to shine immediately when we arrived in Nijmegen and I immediately thought of a number Mr. Ruysdeal. After all, it was a very nice and well organized weekend, with nice people and a good atmosphere. Thanks and I hope that I speak on behalf of several member when I say that I look forward to next year’s weekend!

By: Wouter Pen