2020, the start of a golden decennium?

stuk joris 13-1-2020

The recent assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani increased tensions worldwide. When such occurrence take place, investors usually steer their portfolio to more traditional safe-haven assets such as the Swiss Franc or gold.

Popping or false start?

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Best wishes and a happy new year to all who support the ESV! Hopefully everyone had left some place for the necessary ‘oliebollen’, apple fritters and champagne after Christmas.

Overview of 2019 by Jelle

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The time has almost come, 2020 is in sight. Before we start the new year, I look back on a great 2019. In the first half of the year I was still in Nijmegen and I had the opportunity to attend many ESV activities.

Overview of 2019 by Lieze


Where last year Christmas and New Year were all about ‘finally back home’ after six months in the beautiful Budapest, this year it was finally a moment of rest in the bustle of the Master Accounting & Control that I started with in September.

Overview of 2019 by Kathleen


Last year was wonderful, but went by really fast. In the year 2019 I graduated from high school, went on cool vacation trips, met a lot of new people and started my student life in the beautiful city of Nijmegen.

End-of-year word

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The first official day of the Christmas break has arrived! Everyone is getting ready to open all those Christmas gifts, spend some well deserved time with friends and family and gain half your bodyweight during the Christmas dinner.

Booming Stock exchanges

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Since last Friday, stock exchanges all over the world have been booming. For example, the Dutch, German and French stock exchange indexes all increased with about 1 per cent. The UK index even reached a 1,9 per cent increase.

Fastest growing “supermarket”

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The judge has determined that Picnic, an online supermarket, does not have to treat their employees in the same way as other supermarkets do. Picnic is an online supermarket that only deliver their groceries.