Easter Fever

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The AEX was closed, but the supermarkets made big money. It was easter last weekend. Back in the old days easter was a prominent christian holiday to celebrate the ressurection of Jesus Christ. In the modern days it is a good excuse to have a long weekend and to stuff yourself with eastereggs. 

The eastereggs and all the other traditions, like easterbrunch, is very beneficial for the supermarkets in the Netherlands. Researchers from GfK researched how big the impact of easter is in comparison to an average week. Normally, supermarkets have a revenue of about 720 million euro, but this is increased by 17 percent in the week around easter to 840 million euro. The CBL has calculated a record of 870 million euro due to the beautiful weather we had. Consumers bought more fruit, vegetables and luxury meats for on the barbeque. 

Where does the dutch consumer spend his money on in the supermarket? If we look at relative numbers, the ice-cake takes the crown. More than three times as much is spend on ice-cakes in the week around easter. But also on luxury bread, crackers (including flatbread and toast) is almost spend thrice as much. Furthermore bake-off rolls and frozen products from the baker make the top 5 complete. 

In absolute numbers chocolate is the absolute number one. An average household spends around two euro on eastereggs and chocolate bunnies around easter. Normally just half of that. Plants and liquor take place two and three. 

Also for garden centers easter is very beneficial. Many people are four days off from work or school and because of the timing of easter it is a very busy period for garden centers. Easter is at the start of spring, which is the time when many people are starting to work on their yard. The months of April and May are good for a quarter of the total revenue. The biggest centers can expect around 30.000 visitors on easter. 

Also, almost a million tourists will visit the Netherlands. Many Germans come here to visit these big garden centers due to the strict opening times in Germany. With easter tourists spend around 800 million euro in the Netherlands. All in all, this is a good weekend for consumers and producers.