Compensation for students?

stuk compensatie voor studenten 18-5-2020

Alex Tess Rutten, the chairman of the National Student Union, is worried about the financial situation of students during the Corona crisis. Since the introduction of the loan system, many young people became financially dependent on their jobs.

Shell undergoes a drop in dividends

shell redactiecommissie 11-5-2020

On the 30th of April Shell announced it would reduce its dividends for the first time in 75 years. The dividend will be reduced from € 0.48 to € 0.16. Shell follows the Norse oil giant Equinor which also reduced its dividend by 66%.

Chinese takeovers lurk

chinese overname 4-5-2020

These are hard days for most of us. Many people are at home instead of at the university, and while we might be able to study, there are also people who are not able to work because of the Coronavirus.

Globalization, good or bad?

afbeelding redactie globalisering 20-4-2020

The term ‘globalization’ is increasingly used today, both in the positive and negative sense. The term will probably be familiar to you and is often linked to international trade and worldwide traveling.

Problems for the P2P-lending market?

P2P-Lending 13-4-2020

For a long time it seemed to be the future, but more and more fractions are arising in the market for peer-to-peer lending. Peer-to-peer lending means that investors can lend their money directly to a private person, so without intervention of banks.

How productive is working from home?

redactie 6-4-2020

Over the past few weeks, almost every person in the Netherlands has been at home. Because of the coronavirus, it has been decided that from now on all work for which it is possible will be done from home.