Letter to the 31st board.

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Great people of the 31st board of The ESV.

First of all, congratulations! You are responsible for setting up a great year for the ESV and I have full faith that it will succeed. This year will give an extra boost to the ESV and for yourselves. And as always, your development will go with ups and downs. Therefore I’d like to give you some tips to make this an awesome year. 

Mandy, there have been many chairmans with their own style of ruling the ESV. What seperates good from great chairmans is the ability to delegate. You could do everything on your own. However it is not fun for yourself or the members to do this. Let everybody do their thing and intervene when needed. If you do well, you can sit back and see how the invisible hand pushes the ESV forward. Next to that, you are the psychologist of the group. When there is something amazing you are responsible for it, but also when something sad happens you have to find out what is wrong. Mandy with everything I know I think you will do a good job. 

The tasks of the secretary are very different. You can pull a lot to yourself. What all tasks have in common is that they must be executed precisily. Maaike, I think you can do this. All the others get no information if you fail to do your tasks properly. You will have conversations with teachers, the faculty and many other organisations. There are many projects you can try out, so be creative. Also, make sure the SVM doesn’t turn to chaos. Enjoy!

Tip one for Thijs: Don’t steal €40.000,- from the savings, it will get noticed. The best treasurer is very accurate. If someone asks how much they can spend it is important to give a good answer. You are the boss over the money, so you have some power to. What happens when you get power, you get scared. You don’t want to do it wrong. That’s what I had. The ESV is stable enough, so you can’t take that much risk. 

Korné, who would’ve though? Well if you look at the facts it doesn’t seem so strange. You are a social guy who likes to have fun. this is the most important with every activity. It is also important to excite the memebers. I think you will be a great mascotte for the ESV, which is not an insult. In your function you can be yourself. Have a nice year and don’t forget to clean your room!

Luuk, you will be the last very often. That may not be fun, but you can use it to your advantage. You are funny and are always in for a party. As PR you can’t always drink beer. You have to be able to switch between partymode and being serious. Drinks till 7 and at 10 back at the coffee with the recruiters. Good luck!

Next to your own tasks you are the face of the ESV, That is something to be proud of, but don’t get arrogant. This will make it less fun. Also, you have many possibilities as you want. So try something, you have nothing to lose. You will have an awesome year where you will learn a lot without flying to Bali. This your year.

31st, do great things, but most importantly: Enjoy