Old clothes could make you a Millionaire!

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A strange headline struck the news this weekend: A worn out sports shirt got auctioned for 5.6 million dollar in the US. The shirt of baseball legend George Herman ‘Babe’ Ruth managed to collect the amount of more than 5 million dollar. This is a record for a single sports related item in the auction of the Yankee stadium, where babe played for years and went on to become a legend. Many see him as the greatest baseball player to have ever lived. A simple shirt which probably didn’t cost more than a couple of dollars to manufacture, how did it become so much worth?

First of all, supply of these kind of shirts are very low. If the item is very rare, the price offered to take over the shirt will increase. Which follows the laws of classic economics. Mainly, the old retro shirts from many generations ago are a very hot collector’s item right now. For example, many people like the shirt that The Netherlands wore during the european championships of football in 1988, which we won. A shirt which was considered hideous back in 1988. 

Secondly, it could earn you a lot of money if you have the right name on the back. Some examples of great names which earn a lot of money are Cruijf, Seedorf, Messi, Beckham, Ibrahimovic, Maldini and Maradonna. Of course, for the regular fans there are replica’s which do not cost 5.6 million dollar, but are quite affordable. 

Finally, another criterium, for having a high value shirt, is the condition that it is in. It is important the shirt is still of good quality and doesn’t have any signs of damage. A shirt which has holes and has been worn and washed many times, which impacted the damage, will not sell for as much as a well preserved shirt by a fanatic. 

So should you still have an old sports shirt at home, bring it to the Auction! Who knows, you might just walk out a millionaire.