Trip to Berlin

May 31 – Friday

At 12 midnight we gathered at the central station in Nijmegen, completely packed and ready for a weekend to Berlin. We all walked towards the bus, but unfortunately it wasn’t there yet. We had to wait about an hour for the bus. Fortunately, some girls have been able to drink some alcohol in the meantime, and that makes you sleep well as we all know. I was not very tired, but I was planning to sleep on the bus because it was going to be a long day. After the double-decker finally arrived, we tried to find a good seat. Because we were not with a very large group, we also had to share the bus with other travelers. I slept for about 4 hours. Not very long, but just enough to get through the day. After about 9 hours of driving we finally arrived in Berlin. We first went to our hostel to get rid of our suitcases. We had changed our clothes and then we left to the Berlin wall. We first visited a museum about the Berlin wall, and then we walked the wall to see the art on it. It was very fascinating to see and experience such a piece of history. After that, we chilled in a park and returned to the hostel. We changed our clothes again and left to eat somewhere. After all, we had to lay a good foundation for the pub crawl that would follow. Most of us went for a schnitzel, while enjoying a good glass of beer. After a delicious meal we left for the meeting place for the pub crawl. There were also students and people from other cities and countries. A group of Irish people in particular caught the girls’ attention, because those Irish people know how to party. We first visited 2 pubs, and then 2 clubs. The last club in particular was really fun, but we were all pretty tired. The end of the night was in sight and we decided to close it with a delicious döner kebab, and let me tell you, those are very good in Berlin!

June 1 – Saturday

The next morning, yearning for more sleep, we gathered at 10 am for a bike tour through Berlin. After a wonderful shower and a breakfast from Lidl around the corner, and after I had finished my cappuccino, we were ready for the bike tour. We were very lucky with the weather, because just like in the Netherlands it was also above 30 degrees in Germany. We cycled the morning and the entire afternoon and visited various sights. It was absolutely successful! Then we brought the bikes back and walked to an Asian restaurant where we had a delicious dinner. After dinner we went back to the hostel. We’ve had a pub quiz with questions about the visited places and our knowledge about Germany was being tested. After the pub quiz we took some rest, to be fully energized again for the last night out. We had decided that we would go to the last club of the previous night, since we really liked this club. After a great night we decided to finish it with a döner kebab, again.

June 2 – Sunday

This morning had a rough start. We were tired and had little time to shower, and still had not packed our bags. After we managed to gather outside with all of our suitcases (and ourselves), Vera could not find her handbag. This turned out to be stolen by someone from the hostel. Anyways, you can tell that we started our last day a bit chaotic. While Vera reported to the police, we spent some time on a random grass field because the beautiful park – where we were actually supposed to be hanging out – was closed off by a demonstration. We had to walk for 15 minutes to find a place to sit and relax, and since I was tired, I cursed the demonstration. At 2 o’clock we gathered for our bus to leave to the Netherlands. Actually, we wished… We had to switch to a different bus somewhere else, but we missed that switch because the highway was closed and the bus had to make a detour. There we were, 3 hours from Berlin and far away from our beautiful Nijmegen. The excursion committee and the board subsequently had to improvise a lot. We had decided to take the train to the Netherlands via Düsseldorf or Cologne, or Dortmund. I don’t even know it anymore, it was very hot that day and we were just trying to be on time. And let me tell you, there was a lot of sweat going on. Even the fall of the Turkish Lira was not this much, as my friend Robin said. It was a rough day, but I laughed a lot though! We were also very hungry along the road, but the excursion committee provided us with the good old Mac Donalds. Only we better could have skipped the fries, because they had failed as much as our bus trip. Eventually we were back in our Nijmegen around 1 a.m. Everything went wrong this day, but it was also the most fun! This excursion was very successful and is definitely approved!