Exam Week Tips from XXXII

esvisie joejoe

The third exam period is already in full swing, one more block and then it is over for this academic year. For some of you, resits may still be waiting. What we certainly hope is that you pass all your exams.

Most exams are held digitally, with the exception of a number of courses. In addition, studying is mainly done at home, unless you are quick enough to secure a spot at the university. Unfortunately, the ESV room is now also not open to take your well-deserved (sometimes just a little too long) coffee break. For this reason we are organizing a coffee hour on April 1st where you will receive the real DE coffee including cookies at home to experience that feeling of study avoidance behavior.

As the board, we have a number of tips for you to get through this exam week as well as possible.

“Go for a walk” - Adinda

My tip for you is to take a walk every now and then. A little fresh air after hours of studying in your room certainly doesn't hurt. Stretch your legs and get your ‘ommetje-points' or listen to a podcast. What is important is that you are not too busy with your exam or answering questions from others: really take a break and if necessary switch your phone to airplane mode. This walk does not have to take hours, half an hour is often enough. You will notice that when you come home you have the energy to continue studying. Good luck with your exams and hope to see you soon!

“Don’t let yourself be distracted” – Sophie

A text with a question about one of your courses, an Instagram post that you really should see or a Snapchat of someone pretending to be studying really hard. Enough notifications you receive one day that distract you from studying! My tip is, therefore, to put your phone away. And I don't mean one meter next to you so that you check your phone every ten minutes out of habit. Put your mobile phone in the drawer of your bedside table, put the thing in your bag or, if there is no place left, let it rest in your wardrobe. Good luck with the exams and I hope to see you at the coffee hour April 1st!

“Take a coffee break” – Merijn

This exam week I have to do four exams. Personally I feel that after a few hours of looking at my laptop I am quite exhausted, and just continuing to work doesn't help this of course. That is why I would like to advise everyone to occasionally have an coffee break. You may think that it does not help to quit studying because you can get out of the "flow" of studying, but I personally disagree with this. Your body just needs a break every now and then, so make sure to take one. I myself notice that after drinking one (or more) cups of coffee, I am more focused my studies. Whether you simply drink instant coffee or a cappuccino from the coffee shop around the corner, it certainly doesn't hurt to drink a cup now and then.

“Eat healthy” – Shirlynn

My tip for you is to make sure you eat healthy. Of course you should always eat healthy but in the exam week it is even more important to get all the necessary vitamins. Processed foods can give you energy but this will only give you energy for the short term and afterwards you will have a big decrease in energy. Choose for an apple, pear or a tomato as your snack instead of a bag of chips or a cookie. You will notice that when you eat more fruits and vegetables you will have more energy on the longer term, which is needed when you study for a long day. Good luck with your exams and take care of yourself!

“Do something active” - Wouter

My tip to relax and clear your head for a while: do something active. Even though the gyms are closed, there are still plenty of opportunities to exercise. Go for a walk, cycle or indulge in your ‘home gym’. With a bit of luck you might be able to motivate another roommate to participate! In this way you not only ensure that you can clear your head at that moment, but you will fill a lot fresher during the week. Hopefully, this will benefit the rest of your exams. Then there is only one thing left for me and that is to wish you success with your upcoming exams!