From skitrip to an online après-ski night

sam durlinger

There I was, on skis for the very first time during the 2020 ski trip to Risoul. What an experience that was, I still remember well that I was stretched out in the snow before I stood on my skis. Respect Lily, you managed to teach me to ski, somehow ...

How beautiful it was that I was thrown into a group on April 15th together with Jet, Lily and Wesley: ski trip committee 2021 was a fact! Something I was already looking forward to. I enjoyed the ski trip in 2020 so much that I was really looking forward to organizing something great for next year. I had already seen it then, almost a month in lockdown. Not knowing what was to come ...

The fact that the year took a different turn is something we will not waste any time on. The fact is that we unfortunately had to cancel the ski trip. I often think back to last year's ski trip, especially because I couldn't believe my eyes there during the après-ski!

An online activity, of course it is absolutely not what we wanted. All of us in the bus towards the snow, that's what we do it for. And of course, we all want to get back into the Malle Babbe as soon as possible, hopefully that will be possible again soon! Hopefully this year's après-ski activity will be well received, as will all the other activities that now often have to take place via Zoom. Nice to still keep in touch with each other. I hope to meet you all physically soon during an activity of the ESV on location!

On behalf of the ski trip committee, stay safe and hopefully see you soon!

Sam Durlinger