Het bier heeft gevloeid


Last week you could do two things as a Nijmegenaar: You went to wintersports or you travelled to the south of the Netherlands to celebrate Carnaval! The choice is easy if you have never did the polonaise. You might agree with Maarten van Rossem who said that ‘Carnaval is for underdeveloped societies. ‘ The rest of the Netherlands has their carnavals suit drying from all the beer it has endured. Everyone has their preferences, but are there any financial gains during Carnaval? Let’s find out.

The most important thing of Carnaval: Beer! It’s very hard not to have any cold beers during these days, and even undesireable. A machine also needs fuel in order to keep going. And just like the oil price, the beer price also rises. Many cities use a unique coin during Carnaval and only in Tilburg they did not make it any more expensive. Unfortunately, it was already relatively expensive at €2,60 per beer. In the west of Brabant the beer was the cheapest at an average of €2,25.

And lets pretend that you are partying for five days straight during Carnaval. The average ‘Kruikenzeiker’ and ‘Krabbeke’ will easily drink 15 glasses. We also need to take into account a loss of five beers that have been lost during transport from the bar to your friends. You will return home with your clothes drenched in… Well you can decide for yourself. Oh well, 20 beers per person for five days is €240 on expenses.

Even though you had some nice cheese sandwiches during breakfast, every now and then some extra food won’t hurt you. Hamburger, kroket, kapsalon or fries. This could easily lead up to €15 of expenses on food, resulting in 75€ for 5 days of carnavalling. Of course, your suit also costs money: According to ‘Vastenloavend committee’ the average person from Limburg spends €25 on a suit.

Lastly, some additional expenses on things such as paint or transport. These are estimated at €22.
If we add all of this up like real accountants, we come to an average expense of €362. With this money you could also have a nice ski-trip. Of course I have made some assumptions, which do not account for all of us. It does give a nice representation of the average student from Brabant.

But you know what’s best about carnaval under the river is? These numbers do not matter one bit! Carnaval is there for the fun and for five days we do not watch our money. Another ‘fun’ fact: 10% of people above 30 years old cheat on their relationship during Carnaval. The motto during carnaval is ‘Just have fun!’

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