Introducing -Merijn van der Leeuw

Bestuursfoto Merijn

Dear ESV’er,  

The coming year it will be my honour to be the treasurer in the XXXIInd board of the ESV. My name is Merijn van der Leeuw and I will be a third year’s bachelor student this year. I follow the track of International Economics & Business. I am currently 19 years old, and I am originally from Ede. However, now I live in Nijmegen, where I have got a room in the middle of the city 

I have been an active member of the ESV from my first year on. In my first year I was a member of the economics committee, where you organise activities for international students. Furthermore, I also was a part of the editorial committee, for which I wrote articles that were published on the website. In my second year I did both these committees again, only this time I was the chairman of the economics committee. From this experience I learnt how much fun it can be to organise activities. 

As treasurer of the ESV I am responsible for the finances of the association. I manage all of the expenses and invoices, and it is my task to keep the association financially alive. This means that you may not always notice what I do for the ESV, but please do not hesitate to start a conversation with me! The upcoming year will be different for all of us, but still I hope to have a great year with everyone!