Introducing – Shirlynn Overmars

Bestuursfoto Shirlynn iguess

Dear ESV-members, 

It is my honor to announce that I will be the activity coördinator in the XXXIIth board of the ESV in the year 2020-2021.  

My name is Shirlynn Overmars and I am 20 years old. I come from a little town in the east of the Netherlands called Den Nul. After I got all my study points in the first year of my HBO study in Zwolle I decided that I wanted more of a challenge in my study. That is when I decided I wanted to go to Nijmegen and study at the Radboud University. Right now I have lived n Nijmegen for 1.5 years and I am starting my third year of the bachelor Business Economics. My goal is to earn my bachelor in Business Economics here at the Radboud university 

In my first year I heard a little about ESV and went to a few activitites, but I never decided to be an active member. This was mostly caused by my fear that it would be a lot of work besides my study. In my second year I decided I wanted to be more active and I applied to some comittees. I had the honor to take place in the activities committee, I got to organize a lot of fun activities and this way I met a lot of new people 

This year I decided I wanted to be more active at the ESV and so I applied for a seat in the XXXIIth board of the ESV. That brings us here, because I will be the activity coördinator of the ESV this academic year. This means that if you decide to be an active member you will be in contact with me a lot because I am responsable for all informal committees and informal activities. I hope to see you soon in the ESV-room or at one of our activities