Introducing – Wouter Pen


Dear ESV members, 

Coming academic year I have the honour to fulfil the position of PR-coordinator within the XXXIIth board of the ESV Nijmegen. I am looking forward to next year and hope to welcome you to various formal and informal activities. It will, for all of us, be a year that will be different form what we are used to. But that is exactly why we hope to be able to offer guidance as the ESV. 

My name is Wouter Pen, I am 20 years old and I am a third year student in International Economics and Business. I come from a village called Druten which is near Nijmegen. After traveling for six months, I decided to move to Nijmegen. Not because it was such of a journey, but I noticed that a lot of new doors would open as soon as I moved to Nijmegen. I have not regretted it for a single moment. 

After my introduction, I immediately became an active member with the idea of quickly getting to know many new people. If one idea worked out well in the first year, it was this one. I got to know a lot of fellow students and can say that I immediately felt home within the ESV. In addition, the various trips and informal activities are good ways to quickly make new contacts and develop new friendships. 

As mentioned, I will take on the position of PR-coordinator next year. This means that I am responsible for all formal activities, the contact with external parties will be through me and I will do my best to achieve as many useful discounts (pass deals) for you. I already gained new experiences last summer and hope to be able to expand them further during the year. 

Do not hesitate to speak to me or message me as soon as you have a question about something or just feel like having a cup of coffee. I hope to see you at various activities during the coming year! 

Wouter Pen