Jaaroverzicht 2018, Blok 2 An van Houten

Jaaroverzicht 2018, Blok 2. An van Houten

We already arrived at the last block of the year! The first tests of this academic year are over and a new block started. As every period, this one was full of formal and informal activities.

The second block started with a night of lasergaming organized by the activity committee, afterwards we put on our ESV-ties and went to the traditional Suit-up drink. On this first drink of the new block a lot of members were present in the Malle Babbe, where our beautiful red & black ties were present in big numbers.

A week later we had the Pizzafeastparty, organized by the first-years committee. People enjoyed their pizza and their beverages and afterwards we went off to another great edition of Inglorious. Between these activities there were also lunchlectures by MURA and NBA. During these sessions we got more information about the accountants-education and the workfield of an accountant.

Furthermore, this block we had our second-years dinner, we showed off at the BiEM-party and NEC got some extra support during their game from the ESV-members. Also the Nijmegen Career Event (NCE) started in this period, where students got the chance to meet with different companies through lectures and workshops. Then we had our yearly Sinterklaas dinner-rouler. Different couple of people made a dinner-course for each other. We ended this activity by reading our fierce poems. Afterwards we went to the Malle Babbe for the Spanish Santa Claus drink.

The last weeks before our christmasbreak were filled with different activities. During a minute to win it many nerve-racking gamese were played, which in combination with drinks resulted in some hilarious performances of the challenge. Afterwards we rocked the Sjors & Sjimmie during Management Madness.

At the end of this block a group of ESV-members sought up the thrill and height, they went abseiling at the inhouse day of Accon AVM. The morning started with an interview and workshop of the company, followed by our members who descended down from the roof of the building. The last activity was organized by the economics committee. The cards, dice and of course Schultenbräu were present in large numbers. Afterwards we had our last drink of the year.
To conclude, we had an amazing year again with many different formal and informal activities which we all could enjoy. The many committees and the XXXth board did their best, which didn’t go unoticed. This was my review of the last quarter, for now I wish everybody a happy new year and see you next