Jaaroverzicht 2018, Blok 3 Bob Zoutenbier

Jaaroverzicht 2018, Blok 3. Bob Zoutenbier

Heat up the Glühwein, put the oliebollen in the powdered sugar and put those fireworks in your coat, because a review of 2018 is coming. A year where the beer flowed generously on many amazing activities. Not only was there warm Schultebräu to be enjoyed, But also the infamous adje-ESV, Kölsch, Smirnoff Ice and TGV made our year complete. But how did we kick off this fantastic year? I will take you back to the greatest moments of the past year. So lean back, open up a drink and look back to the beautiful beginning of 2018.

Rarely did we have such a beautiful start of the year. Radboud University thought we were a bit too stressed, so they gave us an extra week off, which caused that many students stayed home during Januari. Luckily there was one moment where we could relieve ourselves: Tva Tribute. After years of student-like procrastination and a conjunction bias from the university, the ESV had to move to the Elinor Ostrom Building. A couple of tears were shed at the goodbye of TvA, because the dirty couches, soggy sandwiches and 11m² were going to be missed. We ought to be lucky there even was a farewell, because BOW thought it would be good idea to have holes in the wall, cover the windows with sandwiches and scooters are fine to drive inside.

One month later we came together for the Man-Woman activity. The girls went off tasting delicious bears and, if I have to believe the pictures, the beers tasted great. The men went off playing darts and dice in the bankrupt Europaleis. This was no darts for amateurs, because in the finals a clean 180 was thrown. Of course, the night ended in the Malle Babbe.

A new way of transport came in to debate when we used the beautiful multimedia room of the new EOS building on a Wednesday evening. No baby park on the Gamecube, but four people beside each other focussing intensely while cursing at the bananas and blue shells. We also shook our hair and hips with the many games of Just Dance, which uncovered some hidden talents.

If you didn’t relieve your stress already this block, then the next activity was perfect: Paintball. Jump, duck and shoot paintballs on your enemies with at least 300 km/h. Later that night we counted the endless bruises. This was also the best activity to release your anger on the board. The skinny one in a pig suit and the fat one in a bunny suit, SHOOT!

The best activity was of course the study trip. With a bus full of students and two young teachers we travelled off to Ljubljana and Zagreb. The banks told us some stories, but most people were too busy playing the Assassin game. At any moment you could be iced by an assassin. Not even the residency of the ambassador was a safe place. Or a bottle was hidden in your pants, everything was possible! Spending the whole bustrip on the toilet, because you couldn’t handle alcohol, was also a possibility. All in all it was an amazing trip!

This block had to be closed in style. So right before the exams we took out our blue and pink papers in order to have a beatiful date during our yearly ESV-gala. Some where even allowed to participate in the openingsdance. A beautiful night was filled with lovely music and drinks, which ended in the Malle Babbe. This time there were enough drinks, which we noticed the next day.

The start of 2018: We enjoyed, we drank, we laughed. 29th board, thank you for this amazing year. 30th board, good luck and enjoy. For all members, let us all come together in 2019 accompanied by the pleasure of old songs and plenty of Schultenbräu. So we can look back at an amazing year, again.