Jaaroverzicht 2018, Blok 4 Maikel de Leeuw

Jaaroverzicht 2018, Blok 4. Maikel de Leeuw

Santa claus just left and new years eve is coming. A good moment to reflect back on 2018 and bring up all the good memories again. This time we look back at block 4, my last block as a first year student. This was also the block with a lot of stress. Block 4 is always a stressful period, because most students still have to achieve their positive BSA. However most students manage to pass their first year, in spite of all the fun activities.

Block 4 started with one of my favorite activities: The Cantus. On the cantus we had to show our singing skills to the presidium. However, singing is not the goal of the evening, but bonding is. Singing has bonded people for thousands of years and still does in 2018. Just like Sinterklaas good behavior is rewarded, in this case with an ad fundum. Bad behavior will be corrected by the presidium with a fitting punishment. Luckily we got to see many unique punishments. Afterwards we could see how much we bonded in the Malle Babbe.

Of course, there were also formal activities, because our students should also be allowed to develop themselves outside the Malle Babbe. In this block we had our yearly congress. Theme for this year was the influence of technology on the economy. There were speakers from many different sectors like accountancy, banks, FinTech and of course crypto & blockchain. The rooms were filled with motivated and curious students who want to expand their knowledge. This day ended with one of our favorite things: Free drinks!

At the end of the academic year there was a barbecue for all active members of the ESV. The meat was prepared by our own grillmasters and of course warm Schultebräu was there as well. All active members received a gift, in order to thank them for their motivation and hard work over the course of the year. Just a few men were a bit confused to do with their gifts, the apron and oven mitt.

As last activity of the year we had the greek olympics and a drink. The greek olympics didn’t have much to do with sports, but did test the stamina and perseverance of our members through the many games of Supermex and beerpong. Afterwards we went to our safe and trusted place, the Malle Babbe for the noisy nerd drink.

All in all I look back on a beautiful year in Nijmegen. The many activities made sure that I also leave my room from time to time. However the real reason I come are the members, my friends! I wish you all a happy new year!