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Economics and Business Economics in Nijmegen is unique!

Everything is economics. All things considered, it is the science which studies how we make choices. Should I study Economics and Business Economics or should I study something else? Should I remain living at home with my parents or should I rent a room? Should I go by bike or take the train? Should a company merge or not merge with another company? Should I invest in stock or bonds. Should an IT company outsource or should it not? Is the central bank going to lower or raise the interest rate? Is the government going to place trade restrictions or not? In short, choices need to be made on many fronts.


Economists are not only interested in obtaining insight into the behaviour involved when making choices, but also the influence this knowledge can have on policy making. Economists from Nijmegen want to understand the world surrounding them to contribute significantly to the discussion and the finding of solutions to many important social issues.


This makes Economics and Business Economics in Nijmegen so unique:

  • In Nijmegen you get economics+
  • Economics in Nijmegen is multi-disciplinary and delves deeper
  • The study is personal and varied
  • The programmes offer many possibilities and the lecturers are excellent
  • Education and research are clearly related and they are offered by a strong team

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