As study association the ESV provides summaries on courses in the curriculum of the study ‘Economics & Business Economics’. The summaries are made by students for students and available at a very cheap price. They can serve as guidance for your studies or a short synopsis when studying for the exam. If you wish to purchase one of these summaries, you can do so at the ESV room in the Elinor Ostrombuilding.
Currently we have the following summaries for sale:

  • Accounting
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Comparative Economics and Business Systems
  • Corporate Finance
  • Economic Methodology
  • Economic Policy and Public Finance
  • Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Institutional Economics
  • International Business Ethics
  • International Economics
  • International Financial Policy
  • Introduction to Economics and Business
  • Investment Management
  • Macro Economics
  • Management Accounting and Control
  • Methods of Economic Research
  • Micro Economics
  • Money, Banking and Finance
  • Multinational Finance
  • Topics Financial Economics

The board of the ESV is always looking for new summaries. If you have summaries you made lying around or simply a lot of spare time, don’t hesitate to contact us! The ESV will purchase summaries it deems of high enough quality and doesn’t yet have for a fitting financial compensation.