Exam Training

Why choose Dominus Cursus?
Our young and dynamic team will always be there for you. Everyone, from repetitor to general manager will do their everything we can to let you make your exam confidently. With a Dominus course you will reach the best results.

  • Professional exam training
    Our exam trainings are on a professional level. A trained repetitor will extensively go through the material of the course with you. Hard parts of the course will be explained, and afterwards your knowledgde will be tested with questions.
  • Expert student-teachers
    The exam trainings will always be given by a repetitor who has earned at least an 8 for the subject, has gone through a strict selection process and also has been trained by us.
  • Complete course material
    Our lessonmaterial is always complete and up to date. You will never have to worry about which things you need to know for the exam as it is all in the course material. Furthermore you will receive this material two weeks before your exam!
  • Personal customer service
    Dominus Cursus will always be there for you. We are there to let you make your exam full of confidence. If you have any questions, problems, or the need for extra information we'll be ready for you.

If you want to have more information about Dominus Cursus, you can contact us via the contactform.