Overview of 2019 by Kathleen


Hi everybody,

I’m Kathleen, a first year student Economie & Bedrijfseconomie.

Last year was wonderful, but went by really fast. In the year 2019 I graduated from high school, went on cool vacation trips, met a lot of new people and started my student life in the beautiful city of Nijmegen.

The start of 2019 was a bit disappointing, because I didn’t made it into the study Geneeskunde. Luckily I had a plan B, namely Economie & Bedrijfseconomie at the Radboud University! Although, I had to graduate from high school first. I went to high school in Wageningen. After the exams, I went on a well-earned vacation to Lloret de Mar together with my best friends! I went to the coolest parties and enjoyed the beautiful weather in Spain. Back home, I got the message, which told me I passed the exams and graduated from high school! On top of that, my own sister graduated as well! Time for a party and a really long summer.

My vacation started with the Vierdaagsefeesten at Nijmegen! Following by a stunning vacation with my family in Russia. I visited the cities Moscow and Sint-Petersburg, gorgeous cities! Next, I went on a surf camp with Ripstar to Le Pin Sec, France. A week full of surfing and fun! Moreover I’ve met a lot of lovely new people there. Those weeks went by really fast. Before I knew it, the summer vacation was almost over. On Sunday the 18th of August was the start of the introduction week of my study Economie & Bedrijfseconomie. Because of my convivial group, I had the best week! These days I got to know Radboud University, met new study mates, discovered the pubs of Nijmegen, the night life and of course got to know the ESV.

September 2019 was the official start of academic year. I was really excited, however also a little bit nervous. As the matter of fact, I felt directly comfortable at the university and with the ESV. I already had made new friends during the introduction and got to know even more lovely people! The ESV room became a place where I nowadays come every break. To drink tea and chat with ESV members! Furthermore, I went to the introduction weekend of the ESV in October. That weekend I’ve met new adorable ESV members! I even did my first ‘boat’ ever on this weekend. The first exams went pretty good. I passed both courses, OIMA and EvdM. Beside the studying, I went to a lot of activities of the ESV. I was present at the legendary ‘jasje dasje’ drink, Saint Nick’s birthday drink and even more.

Looking back to 2019 makes me feel happy. I’ve done a lot of fun things. Though, the most lovely thing was the fact that I’ve met so many new people. Especially my super nice friends from my study! I’m really looking forward to 2020. In January, I will go on a ski trip with the ESV and later this year to Bangkok, how cool is that!

Finally, I wish you all a lovely and happy new year!

Kathleen Heijmer (the right on the picture)