Overview of 2019 by Lieze


Where last year Christmas and New Year were all about ‘finally back home’ after six months in the beautiful Budapest, this year it was finally a moment of rest in the bustle of the Master Accounting & Control that I started with in September. Every week is all about reading papers and making assignments. You have to get used to it. While in the bachelor I achieved satisfactory results with less effort (read: studententienen), I now really have to do my best to understand everything.

In addition to the big workload that the master brings, I immediately started thinking about my trajectory after graduation. The question : ‘where do I actually want to work from September?’ soon came to mind. Fortunately, there are enough opportunities for accountancy students to get to know different companies. In November I travelled with PwC to Iceland to work on a challenging case, but also to taste the atmosphere of the company. It was a fantastic experience and a beautiful country. When I was back in the Netherlands for only two days, the Nijmegen Career Event took place. Here I had an individual interview with EY and only one week later I signed the contract to do my graduate internship in Arnhem at the beginning of February.

Despite the busy weeks, filled schedule with lectures, studying and work, I was often present at the ESV for a drink, party or activity over the past months. For example, I knew the mafia code by heart when escaping from the escape room at Grant Thornton’s office and my team won the competition at Stolwijk Kelderman’s in-house day. In the previous academic year I missed the informal activities and fun in the Malle Babbe more than I thought. It turned out again that I have absolutely no talent for pooling, not even after five years of faithful participation. The nicest informal activity this year was the Sinterklaas dinner rouler, where the starter was planned for Ilse and me. Fortunately Ilse was able to impress both our guests and me with homemade Gyoza, for which I didn’t have to do anything. The main course and dessert were very tasty (I think?) and I was brought home with a full belly at a quarter past eleven.

The exams for the second block are scheduled in just two weeks. After this, I will go on a holiday in Portugal, so that I can start the thesis internship freshly in block 3. Furthermore, next year will be dominated by graduation, a nice closing of the study time with the study trip to Bangkok and the organisation of a fantastic sixth lustrum from the 20th to the 24th of April 2020 with the lustrum committee. We are busy preparing many different fun activities and I hope to see you in large numbers during this week!
Happy New Year and a fantastic 2020 to you all!