Overview of 2020 by Eline

Foto esv nieuwjaarswens

My name is Eline, I’m a second year Economics and Business Economics student.

2020 was a crazy year for everyone. Where it still started with drinking and singing in the pub and with the prospect of many fun activities, our student life suddenly came to a standstill. The lustrum  week of the ESV, as the highlight of the year, also had to be canceled.

For me, 2020 would be the year in which I could enjoy my student life to the fullest. At the end of 2019 I had found a room in Nijmegen East and with the center of Nijmegen an 8-minute bike ride away I was promised many pleasant evenings. That is how the first two months started, I could be found in the Molenstraat at least twice a week and a closure at the FEBO had become a regular ritual.

When the lockdown came in March, I was very disappointed, but I had hope for the future. Hope that a beautiful summer with summer parties and fun was to come. I also decided with a few friends to become intro parents to get to know the new freshmen in the city. Unfortunately, that didn't work out as planned either.

The hangover but pleasant days in the lecture hall had to be exchanged for watching online lectures, where I often made the dangerous choice to do this from bed. A lot has happened and despite (too) few drunken evenings I can't remember very much about it. How did we already end up in December?

Although 2020 has not brought us all the fun highlights that many of us had hoped for, I have been amazed by the creativity with which solutions were devised. As part of the Freshmen Committee, I have experienced how difficult it can be to organize a fun online activity and yet the ESV has already provided a lot of fun drinks and other activities.

Hopefully 2021 will be the year in which we can catch up with everything that 2020 did not bring.

I wish you all a happy, but above all healthy 2021!