Overview of 2020 by Rens


Hey hello!


My name is Rens Nagtegaal, I’m a pre-master student enrolled in the pre-master for the master Economics: International Political Economy, and I would like to tell you about my year.

One year ago, when the year began, I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with friends, celebrating the new year surrounded by sky lanterns, before really celebrating the new year with a few (too many) drinks. With many New Years resolutions in my pocket I went on to travel through South East Asia for another two and a half week before finishing my exchange semester on 17 January.

Two weeks after coming back home I started the last semester of my Bachelor’s Economics in Tilburg. Due to circumstances this had to take place partly online (I believe there was something going on with a virus, but that should be over by now (or is it?), or at least, I hope it is by the time you read this, some time in the future). In spring I started contemplating what I wanted to do after finishing my Bachelor’s, and after looking around at different universities I decided I wanted to attend Radboud University, specifically I wanted to do the master track Economics: International Political Economy. Before I could start this master, however, I had to have completed three political sciences courses, and thus I decided to go and do a full year of political sciences before starting my Master’s.

After starting my education in Nijmegen I quickly came in touch with the ESV, of which I decided to become a member. After taking part in the introductory quiz and the ‘A minute to win it’ activity I also decided I wanted to become an active member of the ESV and thus enrolled for two committees, the sport committee and the Inglorious committee. Afterwards I decided to apply for the NCE committee (after Adinda told me about this, thanks again Adinda!) of which I am now a (candidate) member. We are helping the current committee with preparations where we can and I’m looking forward to their event and especially our own!

Of course this was a unique year (I won’t say weird, that has been said too much already), but luckily I have found my spot in Nijmegen, let’s hope the coming year will be a bit more active and we can go to Malle Babbe on a Wednesday night soon!


Cheers to a better and more normal year!


Rens Nagtegaal