Overview of 2021 by Kiki

Kiki Jaaroverzicht foto

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I started off my year with high hopes and registered to study abroad for a semester. A month later I heard I could go to Hawaii! Obviously, I was very excited about this but nevertheless I didn’t want to be too stoked because of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. The first months of 2021 I was very busy with organizing the ESV lustrum week. After having postponed it for a year we decided in the end to plan 2 versions of the week, one online and another version that was COVID proof through keeping 1.5m apart. Due to the COVID measures at that moment we decided to go through with the online version, but we did all we could to make it an unforgettable week nonetheless!

Aside from all online classes and activities the second semester of my third year was dominated by my Bachelor’s Thesis. After the typical difficulties in getting started (I may have forgotten to register) and toiling for a few months, I could hand in my thesis in June with a satisfied feeling. Summer could finally start and I enjoyed the summer vacation by for instance sunbathing at the Waalstrand. COVID seemed to fade away and suddenly everything was possible again. I could finally go out in the Molenstraat again the way I used to and go to a festival that lasted till 6am. Sadly, this was all that was possible in the summer before more restrictions were put in place again.

At the end of the summer vacation the time was finally there, the Radboud introductory week could take place this year. It was a week as it used to be in which everything was allowed and possible (until 12am) and I enjoyed it to the fullest as intro mom.

In September I could finally go to a physical lecture again and I swore I would never skip another lecture because I was sure I missed these so much. I broke this promise 2 weeks later. In the meantime, I was counting down the days to when festivals could take place again from 25 September onwards. I went to one on that same day and I have to say: going out until 12am and then going home has its advantages.

After the first exams I had acquired enough credits for my bachelor and, because it was starting to look more and more likely that my exchange could not go through, I started the minor ‘Sustainability Challenges’. But before that minor starts I’m first going to enjoy the holidays and hopefully go on a ski trip in January!

Past year has flown by much too fast as each year. It was a year full of disappointments due to all the activities that could not go through, but obviously there were many things that did go through and could finally take place again for the first time since March 2020!


I wish you all a great 2022!

Kiki Puijk