Overview of 2021 by Stan

Foto Stan jaaroverzicht

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And so another year has passed. It was a year characterized by COVID-19, but either way is one of the best years of my life!

The first half of the year was mainly comprised of finishing up my very tranquil first year as a student. A first year full of online classes (which were mostly viewed from the comfort of my bed) and online activities, at which I sat behind my laptop with a drink or two more often than I would like to admit. This can be explained by online activities such as a craft beer sample night and a Centurion. Miraculously I managed to successfully finish all my courses of the first year and thus a relaxed summer vacation lied in store for me.

After the summer vacation I started the second year of my studies. After an uneventful first year this should be the year I could really start living the student life and finally find out where the Malle Babbe is. After a summer full of fun vacations, I decided to become an active member of the ESV, as they helped make my first year a lot more fun than it would otherwise have been. I participated in many fun (albeit online) activities with them, and I met many new people.

My second year is a lot busier, but a lot more fun, than my first. It started out with one of the best weeks ever: being an introductory mentor with two friends. The introduction week consisted mainly of having drinks, having parties, and showing the new students around the city (although most of them new Nijmegen better than I did). After this unforgettable week, although I must admit it was a week with a lot of headaches and stress, the second year of my study finally began.

My average week was fairly busy: once a week a meeting with the study trip committee, an activity with the ESV almost every Wednesday (including my first cantus), fun activities with friends, work, sports and in the weekends I mostly went back home for soccer and to see my little sister. I would almost forget the most important thing: studying! As a wise board member (I won’t name names) told me once: “oh well, your study is for on the side.”

Even though my first year in student life looked a lot different than I had expected previously, and it has been difficult at times when new measures were announced, I can convincingly say it has been the best period in my life. Therefore I can only look forward with great enthousiasm to the coming years!


I wish you all a happy 2022!