Ski trip 2020 Risoul!

foto skireis redactiecommissie

On Saturday, January 25, it was finally time. We left with 27 ESV members to Risoul. The bus ride took quite a few hours, but the trip was not too bad with the pleasant bus drivers, playing cards for anytimers and with songs such as El Toreador and Smoorverliefd!
On Saturday night we arrived in Risoul and were soon on skis. Luckily Lily also joined the ski trip to take care of her ski class! After a day of skiing, it was time to install us in our rooms. Unfortunately, our tour guide found it more important to have a drink at the après ski, so there we stood with our bags in the snow. Fortunately everyone soon forgot it when the game night started with 30 seconds, stresspong, pesten and piccolo! Thereafter, it was time to go to Yeti Bar for the first time, where people enjoyed of the Beers, Jagerbombs and of the Music! Upon returning home, a few among us enjoyed a lovely bath, with a less lovely smell.


Luckily the sun was shining and the sky was blue the next day, so it was an amazing day of skiing! Afterwards, it was time to discover the après-ski in Risoul. There was plenty of entertainment with techno, French songs, but mostly the Dutch sing along was appreciated! After the après-ski, everyone prepared themselves for the next night at the Yeti Bar. Again a nice night, where many pictures were taken from a good perspective (, so make sure you check the pictures at the ESV site, they are worth it)!! On Tuesday, the weather was not as nice as the day before and it took more effort not to get blown from the ski slope. At Wednesday, the weather was luckily better and we went down with all of us together (with a whopping 27 man strong) and after a dive of Twan, we all went down safe. During the après-ski, the sleds came to light and some among us fell with full conviction of went down with wet pants.


Thursday was our last ski day, at which we were lucky again with the weather! Many of us explored the other side of the mountain. During the après-ski there was a show with different jumps down the ski ramp, some more impressive than others. At the ramp, there was a woman waving with fire, but no one really understood what she was doing. At Thursday night it was time for the karaoke, which was definitely a big success. Thereafter our last night out started!


At Friday, we needed to leave our rooms early and there were made some finishing touches to leave the rooms clean. Many ESV members passed their last hours laying in a chair, enjoying the sun and looked at a last dive in the snow. The last descent, we skied down all together to a barbecue, so that we entered the bus with full (beer)bellies. In the bus, we fully enjoyed the familiar song and most of all the ‘Kakker Song’ that was introduced during the ski trip. The bus driver came with a morality during the way back. According to him, you could better become nauseous from hairpin bends in the mountains, than that you have to tell your parents that you have become pregnant at the ski trip.
At Saturday morning, the last anytimers were deployed and we arrived at 09:15 at the beautiful Nijmegen. I would like to thank the ski trip committee and the board for this very nice week that we all had and hopefully see you next year!

By: Vera van Oijen