Skireis ervaring Kiki & Korné!

By Kiki
After looking forward to it the whole exam week, the 26th of Januari finally came along: The Ski-trip of the ESV in 2019. We left Nijmegen at 18:00 and the trip would be around 15 hours. Luckily, chauffeur Johan hated snowchains and because snow was on the way, he drove quickly to the location. Early in the morning we arrived in Avioraz.

After waiting forever at the rental with burnout employees it was time to get onto the piste. It was a day full of snow, great pistes en barely any vision, which caused crashes early. After this day everyone got together to get back to the appartments. These were right on top of the piste and were small but cozy, which led to people who were to late to sleep on the couch. After everyone had eaten and showered the first ativity was held! Every ESV-member enthousiastically played stresspong, 30 seconds, beerpong or took a break.

on day 2 everyone was early onto the piste, again a day with a lot of snow and limited vision. This could not ruin the fun of course. After a delicious lunch at ‘le Yeti’ some more skiing was done and around 4 o clock most people were going to the après-ski which became full really quick. In the evening there was a pub crawl, during which we visited 5 bars! Many drinks were consumed, but luckily every appartment had a balcony where you could clean your head with some fresh air.

Day 3 was the nicest day of the week, finally sun! After some starting struggles with many hangovers we finally landed on the piste again. Half of the group decided to go together on the same piste which slowed down the tempo significantly, but increased the fun. Everyone made good use of this nice day. In the evening some hotdogs were devoured and some games were played, after that it was bedtime.

Day 4 started at 8 o clock with a dive into the snow for three fanatics which lost a game of ‘what are the odds’. Unfortunately, the nice weather of the day before had dissapeared, but we went skiing anyways. At around 2 o clock most of the group changed from skiing to swimming at the appartements or went to do some drinks with each other. At 4 everyone was back at ‘La Folie Douche’ for the après ski.

Day 5 started out a bit rough for some members, but luckily the weather of today made up a lot. No snow and eventually some sun showed. The fanatics of the trip made good use of this and went exploring. In the evening it was time to luge. Not everyone was comfortable with the idea to race with a big group of people, in the dark, on a sled without brakes, but everyone everually came along. After a couple of crashes and lost sleds it was to go back. People went to have some food and afterwards people went to the bar or to sleep.

Friday, the last day, at 10 in the morning every room had to be cleaned and we got together in the lobby. A heavy duty for everyone that had too much fun last night. Despite the bad weather, everyone went one more time onto the piste. The ski material was handed back and in the afternoon we went swimming and bowling. when everyone got together, armed with bottles of Ice, at 20:00 we got to hear that the bus was stuck in the snow. After a little hour the bus arrived on the parking place and we went back to the netherlands. We arrived 9:30 in the morning in Nijmegen.

By Korné
Well, everyone got back in one piece from the skitrip and we didn’t have the problems with our bus like other groups in the Netherlands. The only thing leftover was a virus, not saying any names, but everyone has recovered from it. Both trips to and from france were about thirteen hours, which is nice because you can still have some drinks and play some games next to sleeping. Our hotel was nice, the special things about the rooms were a dishwasher and two showers.

In the ski area, everyone had the choice to only visit Avoriaz, which is on its own quite large, but for only 50 euros extra you could get extra passes for multiple villages you could visit. An example of this was in Switzerland, where you could go if you got sick of the French. It was recommended to include the complete area in your trip, because then you could visit new places everyday.

The weather was nice, but could be better. We had a lot a of snowfall. You could only see the sun 2 out of 6 days we were there. Ofcourse, it is nice to ski on fresh snow, but a little bit of sun would make it better.

The activities were also very fun and ofcourse we had the drinks to go along. Everyday we had après-ski in LaFolieDouce, the drinks were expensive, but for a good party you have to spend some money. You could party here until 6 and afterwards have dinner and get ready for the evening. There were 3 bars where we could go in the evening to be entertained before bed.

To conclude, we have had a week long of fun days with fun people. I went along last year as well and I can recommend everyone to go on another Ski-trip with the ESV. It is a great experience which everyone will enjoy, even if you don’t know how to ski.