Terraces are opening again!

afbeelding terras redactie 1-6-2020

For many the 1st of June will be marked as the day terraces will reopen. Another relaxation of measures that gives us back part of our freedom. Of course, this will come with specific terms we should adhere to, such as the distance rule of 1,5 meters. Despite these obligations, firms within the catering industry will of course be happy to reopen again.

Companies might be the biggest victims of this crisis. Most of the companies that are failing are companies in the catering industry. In the last months, many companies have already fallen. These are probably companies that were already struggling before the crisis, but the longer the crisis proceeds the more formerly stable companies begin to fail. Therefore, reopening is definitely welcome. However, for many companies it will be the question whether these relaxation measures come too late or not.

Just like barbers who could already open on the 11th of May, the catering industry will try to do some damage control. This will be a hard task for many. Not only did they miss revenues from the last two months, including the first real days of summer, but it will also be hard to achieve their normal revenue levels once they open again. For some, this might even by a reason not to open at all. They need to make certain costs when they would open again which cannot be fully earned back because of the low amount of customers. For example, a cask needs be opened, but has a short storage life. When people have to keep a distance of 1,5 meters from one another, a terrace’s capacity will be reached quickly. Furthermore, it is also strange that it is still preached to stay at home as much as possible. To go out and have some drinks on a terrace is not really necessary. However, with the packed beaches of two weeks ago, that will not become such a problem.

Time will tell which firms will survive this crisis, and which will not and therefore fail. Of course, the question remains for how long we will have to adapt to this crisis with measures such as keeping distance for each other. This is a question no one can really be sure about. No one knows whether the virus will spread further, and whether there will be a second wave. All that companies can do is proceed and hope they will come out of this crisis alive.

By: Jesse Derks