The first exam weeks


The exams have just started today. To give you some courage for the next two weeks, the members of the XXXIInd board are happy to tell you what their exam weeks often look like. 



The past seven weeks have been a lot quieter for me in terms of lectures and workgroups than the past three years. This block had no courses that I still had to take. Last July, I finished my bachelor's degree, which is why I thought it was time this block not to take any courses.

I do know what it's like to have exam stress, get through nights, sit in the library with little sleep and too much coffee. That is why I want to wish you all the best of luck this exam week, it will be over before you realize it. Know that the ESV room is also open during the exam week if you feel the need for a cup of coffee or tea! 



Normally, the exam week for me consists of occupying a place in the "Study Center" of the EOS building for two weeks. I would call that studying, but secretly it consists of takes two weeks of opening my books for just 15 minutes and leave theStudy Center’ to go get a cup of coffee or tea in the ESV-room. Once at the ESV-room, there is no escaping a chat with the friendly faces who also drop by for a moment to relax from hard studying. 

Two exams await me in the coming weeks, which I will both take for the third time. "Three times is a charm!", is often said. That is why I intend to open my books for longer than 15 minutes this exam week so that I do not have to study the courses "Corporate Finance" and "International Economics" a fourth time .... 

Good luck with your exams! 



Exams are not always fun. I am now in my third year, so I have already been through some. Of course, some of them are easy to do, but sometimes I did not entirely agree with the makers of the exams. However, everything is a bit different this year, because of the online education I am a little bit uncertain about what the exams will entail. But this may also be because I was less focused with the material this block than in other years. 

At the moment I only follow one course, which is Economics & Sustainable Development. I still have to study quite a bit for this course, but I am confident I will pass the course. My biggest tips for taking an exam are to take your time and not get too stressed. When you do stress, you quickly make stupid mistakes, and of course you don't want those! Another tip, which is especially helpful for people who have not yet started studying, is that the ESV offers free summaries on the website for all its members. Feel free to download them! 

 Everyone good luck with your exams! 



In the previous two years I was always working hard to keep up with the exam material. The first two weeks of the period were always relaxing for me and after that I had a lot of work to do because of all the material I missed. In the weeks before the exam I was more in the study centre than I was at home. Occasionally I visited the ESV room to get some coffee and to complain about everything I needed to study. 

Even though this year is different to previous years, you are always welcome to go to the ESV room to get some coffee or thee. I also know how it is to study in these covid-19 times because I am studying for the course International economics and economics and sustainable development right now. So do not hesitate and step by the ESV room for some coffee and a cookie and good luck with the exams! 



First of all, I want to wish you all the best of luck with the upcoming exams! For some it will be a completely new experience, others have experienced it more often. Nevertheless, this will be an exam period that requires adjustments from everyone. Know that everyone is bothered by this and would like to help if you run into some difficulties. Despite the fact that there is less contact at the university, you can always ask your fellow students for help! You can also still walk into the ESV room for advice or online via the Q&A platform on MyESV. 

Something that I also found out myself in the past period is that it is sometimes important to clear your head. In the afternoon for example, take a walk around the neighborhood or call a friend to be able to study again with a fresh look. This is especially important at a time when you may not get out of your student room that much. 

Lots of success with the upcoming exams!