The VIth Lustrum of the Economische Studenten Vereniging Nijmegen

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Dear members of the ESV,


April 9th, 1990, the day the ESV was founded. As an association, it is now almost 31 years later, and a lot has changed. The association has grown enormously and the number of activities, formal and informal, has increased. A constant factor over the years is undoubtedly the coziness. In any case, the ESV is not unknown among economics students, even if it is just for the discounts on books. Every member is welcome to join activities in order to get to know other members or a future employer.

The association’s thirtieth anniversary is an occasion that must of course be celebrated largely. Unfortunately, the original plans for the lustrum week in 2020 could not go ahead due to COVID-19 measures. Full of hope, the lustrum week was moved to April 2021 with the assumption that a physical week could be held. Given the current situation, it has been decided to organize a digital lustrum week.

Switching to a digital lustrum week was not an easy task due to the short term. For this reason, I would like to unconditionally thank the lustrum committee. Your creativity and perseverance are unprecedented. Full of enthusiasm, this committee has given a wonderful content to this week. In this was I would like to invite all of you on behalf of the XXXIInd board and the lustrum committee to be present at these activities.

On Monday April 12th, a pub quiz including a beer or wine tasting will take place. On Tuesday April 13th, the conference will take place. The theme of this year’s conference is “COVID-19 and how to proceed: Past, Present & Future”. On Wednesday April 14th, a cluedo game will be played which is completely personalized for the ESV. On Thursday April 15th, you can show your true master chef talents during the cooking workshop. On Friday April 16th, a champagne or hangover breakfast will take place at the end of the lustrum week, where you can reminisce in a beautiful ESV bathrobe. Perhaps your inner Picasso will also come out during the painting activity. For every activity there is also a nice goodie bag available to have even more memories of this week.

Normally, a lustrum reception takes place in the run-up to the lustrum week. Unfortunately, it has been decided not to hold this due to the digital form. What is also missing is the lustrum prom. This prom is different from a normal prom since it includes a dinner and is held at an external location. Because of the measures, it has been decided to move this prom to the next academic year so that everyone can still be there to experience this special occasion.


If you are not yet registered for these activities, you can do so through MyESV. Make sure you are quick since there is only a limited number of registrations. I hope to see you then!


On behalf of the XXXIInd board,


Adinda van Doorn

Chairman 2020-2021