The ESV is established in 1989, together with the foundation of the School of Management of the Radboud University, and for over 30 years the association has been organizing formal and informal activities for the economics students of Nijmegen. The association keeps growing and has almost 900 members. The ESV forms a bridge between the student and business world, however the ESV also offers many services to ease studying and introduce the student life.

The ESV offers formal activities that are dedicated to actual economic developments and also broaden the career possibilities of the students. The formal activities are mainly presentations, excursions and company visits within different companies and authoritative sources. Study related, the ESV offers summaries and special deals for tutoring. Besides this, the association organizes several (sport)activities, parties, drinks and a yearly study trip where we visit companies. Both within the Netherlands as in foreign countries the student gets to know how economic knowledge can be applied. By becoming an active member, where the student participates in a committee, the student is involved with organizing several activities and they get the possibility to gain new experiences.

The association organizes everything in collaboration with the Radboud University and her external relations. If you want more information about our cooperation's or if you are a member having questions, then contact the XXXIVth board or visit the ESV room. Also, make sure to follow the ESV on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.