The XXXth board

This academic year there will be a new board for all the ESV-members. Most of you already know us, but for the rest there will be a short introduction. The chairman and coordinator external contacts of this year is Joris Claus. He is the face of the association and will be the leader in the general membership meetings. He will take care of the coordination of the other board members. Also, he responsible for our partners and other external contacts. Karin Schmitz is the secretary this year. She is responsible for the membership-adminstration, the contact with the university and social media. Another important task is that she will represent the ESV in the SVM. Dean Polman will make sure that the ESV has no financial crisis this year. Robin Goosen will take the responsibility for all the activities that are organized this year. Next to supporting the committees, she will make sure that both informal as formal activities go smoothly.

On weekdays the ESV-board welcomes you in the ESV room with coffee, thee, cookies and lemonade!

Chairman & Coordinator external relations: Joris Claus
Secretary: Karin Schmitz
Treasurer: Dean Polman
Coordinator activities: Robin Goosen


Board 2017-2018

Chairman: Matthijs van Lemmen
Secretary: Iris Vervoort
Treasurer: Stefan van der Leek
Coordinator activities: Robin Peeters
Coordinator external relations: Mark Schmitz

Board 2016-2017









Chairman: Berry Schuitema
Secretary: Iris de Wilt
Treasurer: Bob Zoutenbier
Coordinator activities: Yannick Jorna
Coordinator external relations: Yvette Harmsen

 Board 2015-2016












Chairman: Florian Heijdenrijk
Secretary: Jesse Tielens
Treasurer: Gijs Pastoors
Coordinator activities: Karen Paters
Coordinator external relations: Charlotte Blankenberg

Board 2014-2015

Het XXVIste bestuur der ESV











Chairman: Lars Dijkema
Secretary: Myrthe Graff
Treasurer: Hans Krommenhoek
Coordinator activities: Emmely Wigger
Coordinator external relations: Dennis Harmsen

Board 2013-2014


Chairman: Bas Beekwilder
Secretary: Alouette van der Loo
Treasurer: Luuk Vrolijks
Coordinator activities: Kirsten van den Ham
Coordinator external relations: Jelle Beernink


Board 2012-2013


Chairman/Coordinator external relations: Tomas Durlinger
Secretary/Coordinator activities: Viktor de Leeuw
Treasurer: Tobias Kamphuis


Board 2011-2012


Chairman: Maurits Gaudesaboos
Secretary: Cathaleyne van Galen
Treasurer: Tobias Kamphuis
Coordinator activities: Julia Draaisma
Coordinator external relations:Daan van den Boogaard


Board 2010-2011


Chairman/Secretary: Wouter Hooijer
Treasurer: Sèmi Abou El.Ela
Coordinator activities: Trudy Groninger
Coordinator external relations: Kyra Dormans


Board 2009-2010


Chairman: Pascal van der Loo
Secretary: Hanneke Yih
Treasurer: Rik Nijmeijer
Coordinator activities: Michèlle Wijnen
Coordinator external relations: Meryl Burger


Board 2008-2009


Chairman: Nadine Gerritsen
Secretary: Dianne van Houdt
Treasurer: Stefan Everts
Coordinator activities: Pieter Barendregt
Coordinator external relations: Lisanne Uit de Weerd

Board 2007-2008


Chairman: Leander Heldring
Secretary: Lotte Braeken
Treasurer: Peter Crijns
Coordinator activities: Marit Brom
Coordinator external relations: Anne-Marie Schoonbeek

Board 2006-2007


Bestuur 2006-2007

Chairman: Gerwin Bom
Secretary: Koos Borkent
Treasurer: Arjan Uit de Weerd
Coordinator activities: Raquelle Maliepaard
Coordinator external relations: Saskia ter Ellen


Board 2005-2006
Chairman: Sascha Bollerman
Secretary: Joost van der Horst
Treasurer: Gitta Moltmaker
Coordinator activities: Fleur Brouwers
Coordinator external relations: Andries Broekhuijsen


Board 2004-2005
Chairman: Karine Kruijff
Secretary: Remco Siemes
Treasurer: Marije Pellenberg
Coordinator activities: Ilse van der Horst
Coördinator Interfacultaire Betrekkingen en Promotie: Stijn van Oirschot / Paul Rotering


Board 2003-2004
Chairman: Wietse Soer
Secretary: Tom Gosens
Treasurer: Arjon van den Berg
Coördinator interne en externe betrekkingen: Marleen Smitskamp
Coordinator external relations: Roel van Leuken


Board 2002-2003
Chairman: Roel van Leuken
Secretary: Olivier Odekerken
Treasurer: Marjolijn Dam
Coordinator activities: Sybren Hornstra
Coordinator external relations: Marian Berden


Board 2001-2002
Chairman: Marnix Schrijner
Secretary: Roel van Leuken
Treasurer: Sybren Hornstra
Coordinator activities: Thijs van Biljouw
Coordinator external relations: Alexander van der Graaf


Board 2000-2001
Chairman: Marc Pereij
Secretary: Veronique Janssen
Treasurer: Daan Schmitz
Coordinator activities: Thonie Stinstra
Coordinator external relations: Renate Bredenoort


Board 1999-2000
Chairman: Michiel Geschiere
Secretary: Paul Beenen
Treasurer: Niels Lieverse
Coordinator activities: Bas Gelevert
Coordinator external relations: Bianca Laemers


Board 1998-1999
Chairman: Henriëtte ten Berge
Secretary: Bas de Moes
Treasurer: Gieta Bhansing
Coordinator activities: Wouter van Aaken
Coordinator external relations: Haixa Hu, Ellie Karssemakers


Board 1997-1998
Chairman: Ellie Karssemakers
Secretary: Esther Verkleij
Treasurer: Gieta Bhansing
Coordinator activities: –
Coordinator external relations: –


Board 1996-1997
Chairman: Werner van Deenen
Secretary: Lonneke van Vooren
Treasurer: Ralph de Haas
Coordinator activities: –
Coordinator external relations: –


Board 1995-1996
Chairman: –
Secretary: Dadema
Treasurer: –
Coordinator activities: –
Coordinator external relations: –


Board 1994-1995
Chairman: Dieudonnée Kamermans
Secretary: Albert-Jan van Maren, Robert van Agteren
Treasurer: Maurice Vollebregt, Albert-Jan van Maren, Frank Huitema
Coordinator activities: Angelique Slag
Coordinator external relations: Erwin Winkel


Board 1993-1994
Chairman: Baske de Jager
Secretary: Ingrid Maréchal
Treasurer: Freek Welling
Coordinator activities: Remco Hoogendijk
Coordinator external relations: Remco Koenders/ Ellen Ehmen


Board 1992-1993
Chairman: Robert de Wildt
Secretary: Esther van der Ree
Treasurer: Maarten van Schaik
Coordinator activities: Karin van der Vaart
Coordinator external relations: Marion Jansen


Board 1991-1992
Chairman: Chrétien Mommers
Secretary: Hans Bruining
Treasurer: Gerbren Ernst
Coordinator activities: Frank Ariëns
Coordinator external relations: Bart van Kasteren


Board 1990-1991
Chairman: Pieter Ruysch van Dugteren
Secretary: –
Treasurer: –
Coordinator activities: –
Coordinator external relations: –