Also this academic year, a new board is ready for all ESV members. Here the 32nd board is briefly introduced. This year's chairman is Adinda van Doorn. She is the face of the association and leads the GMMs. In addition, she ensures that all board members can move forward. Sophie van Lith is the secretary this year. She is responsible for membership administration, contact with the university and social media. Another important task is that she represents the ESV in the SVM, the Cooperating Associations of Management Sciences. Merijn van der Leeuw will this year, as treasurer, ensure that the ESV keeps a financial crisis away from the ESV. Shirlynn Overmars, the activities coordinator, is responsible for all activities that are organized. In addition to supporting various committees, she ensures that the activities run smoothly. Wouter Pen is responsible as PR coordinator for all external contacts, such as the partners, and the formal activities.

Despite this unusual situation, the ESV room is open for a cup of coffee or tea to take away and you can of course ask your questions!

Chairman: Adinda van Doorn
Secretary: Sophie van Lith
Treasurer: Merijn van der Leeuw
Activities coordinator: Shirlynn Overmars
PR-coordinator: Wouter Pen