XXXIVth Board


This academic year, a new board is ready for all ESV members. Here the XXXIVth board is briefly introduced. This year's chairman is Niels Ebben. He is the face of the association and leads the GMMs. In addition, he ensures that all board members can move forward. Jasper van Dalen is this year's secretary. He is responsible for membership administration and contact with the university. Another important task is that he represents the ESV in the Cooperating Associations of Management Sciences. As treasurer, Sten Knops will ensure that the ESV keeps a financial crisis at bay this year. The tasks of Activities Coordinator, this is in the hands of Philip Alexander de Haan. In this role, he supports various committees and ensures that the activities run smoothly. Fleur Kovács is responsible as PR coordinator for all external contacts, such as with the partners, and the formal activities. The ESV room is open every day from 10am to 4pm for a chat, coffee, tea, orange juice and cookies!

Chairman: Niels Ebben
Secretary: Jasper van Dalen
Treasurer: Sten Knops
Activities Coordinator: Philip Alexander de Haan
PR-coordinator: Fleur Kovács