This academic year there will be a new board for all the ESV-members. Here, you will find a short introduction. The chairman of this year is Mandy Versteeg. She is the face of the association and will be the leader in the general membership meetings. She will take care of the coordination of the other board members. Maaike Vermeulen is the secretary this year. She is responsible for the membership-adminstration, the contact with the university and social media. Another important task is that she will represent the ESV in the SVM. Thijs Hallewas will make sure that the ESV has no financial crisis this year. Korné Radema will take the responsibility for all the activities that are organized this year. Next to supporting the committees, he will make sure that both informal as formal activities go smoothly. The coordinator external contacts this year is Luuk Tupker. He responsible for our partners and other external contacts. He will also take care of the formal activities.

On weekdays the ESV-board welcomes you in the ESV room with coffee, tea, cookies, lemonade and games!

Chairman: Mandy Versteeg
Secretary: Maaike Vermeulen
Treasurer: Thijs Hallewas
Coordinator activities: Korné Radema

Coordinator external relations: Luuk Tupker