To organize all formal and informal activities for the upcoming year, the input of all active members is essential. An active membership is a member participating one or more of the committies of the ESV. The active members are accommodated in different committies, where they pursue the interests of the ESV and the organization of the different activities. In 2017/2018 the ESV has the following committees:

  • Activities committee
  • City trip committee
  • Conference committee
  • Design committee
  • Economics committee
  • Editorial committee
  • ESV drink committee
  • Freshmen committee
  • Gala committee
  • Inglorious committee
  • Introduction weekend committee
  • Nijmegen Career Event-committee
  • Party committee
  • Photo committee
  • Relocation commitee
  • Ski trip committee
  • Sports committee
  • Study trip committee

Committees are formed in the beginning of the academic year, but sometimes joining a committee at a later time is possible. To accompany a committee as an non-Dutch speaking student, sent an e-mail to Next to all these committees, the ESV has two independent committees, the Financial control committee and the Advisory body.